R&D & Prototype Gallery

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Prototype No 1

Our first prototype deck module was a welded lattice beam fabrication. When we test loaded the module with approximately 50% of the required load the structure bounced too much and it was also very labour intensive to make.

Prototype No 2

On our second prototype deck module we used standard universal beams to form the frame.  When loaded with the design load of 10 tonnes the deflection proved to be well within the limits and the bounce had been significantly reduced.

Standard Production Module

Our standard production modules are 2.4 metres by 15 or 15.6 metres and are made out of 100% Galvanized steel. The photograph shows a deck module loaded with approximately 40 tonnes. This load equates to a loading of approximately 400% of the recommendation.

Assembled Structure Testing

Once we had a complete structure we test loaded 3 deck modules of the structure with approximately 60 tonnes. This load equated to a loading of approximately 200% of the recommendation.

Manufacturing Facility

We assemble all the deck modules and components in our purpose built manufacturing facility in Manchester. Twin overhead travelling cranes ensure a slick and safe assembly operation.

Robot Welding Machines

Robot welding machines assure accuracy, quality and provide a fume free environment for the operators.

Automated Drill Line

A fully automated drill line produces accurate drilling and cambering of the main deck beams.